“Shang-Chi” Movie Review


Luis Nunes, Student Critic

Recently, I had the chance to see the movie called “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”. Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton, “Shang Chi” has been available to see on Disney Plus since September 3rd 2021. It is an Action/Fantasy movie in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and is also based on marvel comics. I thought Shang Chi was entertaining because of the humor and hilarious characters, although it felt a little short. 

The story takes place in various settings, including China and San Francisco, and follows Shang Chi (Simu Liu). It begins when Shang Chi gets ready for work in San Francisco with his friend named Katy. When they got on the bus, a group of men started attacking Shang Chi for his emerald pendant. Shang Chi had to fight off the men and, eventually, he got away but the men took his pendant. From there, Shang Chi and Katy must find his sister so they can save her from the attackers trying to take her pendant. 

One thing I liked about Shang Chi were the characters and the actors who play them. In the movie, I thought the characters were hilarious and had a lot of funny lines. There is a recurring joke in the movie about some of the characters doing karaoke. Also, Simu Lu was a comedian before acting in Shang Chi, which explains why he is so funny.

Another thing I liked about Shang Chi was the action-packed plot. In the movie, the fight scenes were excellent because of how they were planned out. One of my favorite fight scenes was the fight in the forest trying to fight off Xu Wenwu, the movie’s villian and Shang Chi’s father. Also, the action in the movie was pretty good, and there were a lot of fight scenes. One scene I enjoyed was when Simu Lu had to use his surroundings during the bus fight, especially when he encountered a razor fist. In another fight scene in the magical land, they had to fight off many old creatures that can be very violent. Those creatures come from centuries and centuries ago, they are very deadly, and can suck your soul out. One thing I didn’t really enjoy about the movie was how short it was. I thought that the movie could’ve been longer because it never really explained more of the origins of the Ten Rings Organization.

If you like a movie with good acting, hilarious humor, and thrilling action, then I would recommend watching “Shang Chi”.