Pizza Served Every Day – Why?


Eliana Villarreal, Student Reporter

In Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School, student’s have been given the option of choosing pizza or regular lunch every day since January.

This option started when staff noticed pizza was more popular with students and more people ate when pizza was served. They chose Cottage Inn because their pizza meets the nutritional guidelines for school meals, which allows the school to be able to offer it as a lunch choice every day.

“It’s not that it’s easier, it’s just that we want you guys to eat, and we noticed that if it’s pizza, you’ll eat more,” said Ms. Chris, the cafeteria manager. She also said, “We want you guys to eat, especially when you have tests like WIDA, we want you to have brain power.” According to Mrs. Jenkins, it’s making a big difference. However, an article from said, “Pizza shouldn’t be consumed more than two or three times a month.” The school offers vegetables as toppings to ensure variety and follow lunch guidelines.

A student named, Skyler, was interviewed about the school lunches and was asked if he liked them. He replied with, “Well considering the fact we’ve been having the pizza lunch since we came back from uh, Christmas break, not really that much, I don’t like them that much anymore.” He also stated, “I was happy the first couple of weeks when we were first getting pizza lunches, but now it’s really annoying but other than that it’s pretty much okay.”