Thanksgiving almost here


Paula Figuera, Reporter

          Thanksgiving is a holiday that is celebrated on the last Thursday of November, which will be the 25th in 2021. People in the United States celebrate this holiday by cooking traditional foods and spending time with their families.

Families celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways. For example, most people visit their families and eat a large meal, while some visit downtown to participate in the Thanksgiving Parade. Many people even start decorating their house for Christmas, and they also might talk about who they’re thankful for and why that person matters to them.

Natalie, a student at Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School, said, “I do like Thanksgiving because I get to laugh and spend time with my family”. She explained some of the traditional foods that she eats on Thanksgiving, which include turkey, the most popular dish cooked for this holiday, followed up by stuffing, mashed potatoes, and many more delicious foods.

A safe Thanksgiving during a pandemic is possible, but, according to the Associated Press, “Health experts know their advice is as tough to swallow as dry turkey: if unvaccinated, stay home and don’t travel. If you must gather, do it outside for you and your family’s safety.” Everyone can do their part to celebrate Thanksgiving while preventing the spread of COVID-19.