Opinion: Is Pet Ownership for Everyone?


Do you own any pets? If so, do you know how to properly care for them? Some people get pets for fun, but do they know how to properly care for them? I think some people shouldn’t be allowed to own pets. Some people may not have the right amount of time or money, they may not live in an adequate area, and, last but not least, they may not have the proper knowledge on how to care for a pet. 

Some people may simply not have enough time or money for a pet. Pet owners need to purchase a lot of supplies. According to investopedia.com, the average annual yearly cost for a dog is $1,381 and for a cat it’s $908. One’s economic state may not be at a place for an expense like this. Pets also need time and attention. A pet could get ill, need food, exercise, and many other things that take up a person’s time. If someone works a twelve hour shift everyday it may not be the best time to own a pet. This is because the pet needs to spend time with their owner. Some pets are kept inside and sometimes they need time outdoors, but what if there isn’t anyone to take them outdoors? This could cause a lot of problems. Pets need to use up energy and also have a digestive system just like humans. Leaving a pet home alone is almost like leaving a child unintended.

Another reason some people may not be fit to own a pet is whether they live in an adequate area.  A person may not have enough space for a pet in their home. Weather also comes into play. If someone lives in an area where it is too cold or too hot, certain pets would not be in the best position. A pet needs a safe home. If someone lives in an area where crime happens often, the pet could potentially get hurt. For example, if someone tried to break into a home, the person breaking in could potentially hurt the pet. If someone lives in an area where natural disasters are more common, they shouldn’t consider owning a pet since the pet can’t look out for itself. 

My third reason is that some people may not know the proper care a pet needs. The type of pet someone wants also comes into consideration. A snake does not need the same care as a dog, a bird does not need the same supplies as a snake. Some people may not know how to properly care for the pet they own. Others could start to slack off on caring for their pet. Animal abuse is also a problem. If someone knows they have anger issues and they start to see that they are taking anger out on their pet then they should give it away. Some pets need training as well, and some people do not know how to train, or aren’t willing to research it. 

In conclusion, some people just aren’t meant to own pets. You may think getting a pet could be fun and add a little to your life but have you thought about the life change you would have to make? Think about the responsibilities of owning a pet before getting one.