Golf Club

New after school program has students learning golf


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Male instructor assisting woman in learning golf at golf course

Naomi Delgado, Reporter

This year at Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School there is a Golf Club that started on October 28th. Students can sign up in the office or go see Mr Creekmore’s in classroom 209.

Mr. Creekmore wanted to start a Golf Club because he recently saw a program about “growing the game” while he was watching a big golf tournament. He thought about how some kids in school might be interested. He also stated that, “My dad started me playing golf when I was just a little younger than most of you. I love it and I figured I might be able to find a few people here that enjoy it as much as I do.” The golf club will take place in the school building during the cold months. In the warmer months of the spring, the golf club will likely end up going to a course called Riverview Highlands.

Mr Creekmore hopes to do a golf club again next year. He said, ”If it does well this year and we get people that enjoy it and want to come back next year, then we will for sure do it again.” When asked about whether the golf club would do competitions, Mr. Creekmore explained, “In golf, you are always competing whether you are in a tournament or not. Your ‘opponent’ is the golf course itself.” Golf courses are designed in such a way that every golf hole has a certain number of shots you are supposed to take to be playing well, called the “par.” Students likely wouldn’t compete since we are just learning. Next year, though? “Probably,” says Mr. Creekmore.