Spirit Week at CCAMS

Students and Staff Dress up to Show School Spirit


This is a photo caption.

From October 25-29 at Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School staff and students were able to dress for spirit week. Each day was different and followed a schedule for what everyone should wear.

CCAMS does spirit week to celebrate school. Students and staff might find it exciting to dress up. For Monday, they had to dress up to honor Hispanic Heritage. Tuesday they had to twin, or dress the same, with another student. On Wednesday there was sports day, Thursday was Cowboy Day, and Friday was school spirit day where students dressed up in certain colors according to their grade. For example, 6th graders wore white, 7th graders wore red, and 8th graders wore blue.

Mr. Currie is an ESL teacher who organized spirit week at CCAMS. He was interviewed and asked why we celebrate spirit week, to which Mr. Currie responded, “We all get to know each other from when we dress up.” According to VarsityBrands.com, students with higher levels of school spirit also have higher average grade point averages, and are more likely to plan further their education than students with lower spirit. For spirit week the dress code will be normal for students not participating in the theme for each day. There were also prizes for spirit week, including brownies, takis, and rice krispie treats.