Science Field Trip for 7th Graders


Marco Barrera

7th grade students and staff are going to Imagination Station in Toledo, Ohio to learn about science on April 8th, 2022. 

Ms. Mroz has planned this field trip for students to learn things that will add to their  unit on parts of the body. The trip features an activity where students dissect a cow’s eye, along with plenty more activities for students to learn about science. Students can go by having their parents sign the form and pay the $5 dollar fee. In the past, students had to pay $10 or $12 dollars, but due to funding this year, the price dropped to a cheaper amount. 

6th and 8th grade students haven’t gone on any field trips this year because no teachers have organized them. Ms. Mroz, the organizer in the 7th grade field trip, said, “Each teacher is in charge of doing their own field trip as far as I know of.” When choosing a field trip location, she landed on the Imagination Station. “What I love about Imagination Station is that it is more interactive than the Science Center in Detroit.” She also mentioned how she loves seeing students interacting and learning about science. Also, they will get to have a more hands-on experience that is different from what they might do in a classroom. 

Besides the 7th graders dissecting a cow’s eye, the Imagination Station also has activities where students can create light-up badges, create and design their own creature with unique features, and identify bones to learn about an animal’s unique habitat. The Imagination Station also offers other activities for elementary students. 

The Imagination Station is a popular destination for people to learn about science, as it  welcomes more that 200,000 visitors each. According to the official Imagination Station website, about 40% of the people who come there Lucas county, Ohio residents and about 28% of people travel from across Michigan. The rest of the people come from other parts of the country to visit Imagination Station.