Highly Awaited Event Rescheduled

Highly Awaited Event Rescheduled

Zachary Amaya-Ortiz

On Friday February 25th, there was supposed to be a PBIS event at Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School, but it was postponed until March.

The PBIS event was postponed due to issues with student behavior, along with staff shortages making it so there wasn’t enough time to plan. Mrs. Ortiz and Mrs. Jenkins decided to cancel the PBIS event two days before, choosing to reschedule it on March 17th.

During an interview with Ms. Romero, she explained more about why the event was canceled. “The specific behaviors that caused the cancellation of the event were… fighting, (and) students caught with vape pens in the bathrooms or in their pockets,” stated Ms. Romero. School leaders had to spend so much time dealing with students misbehaving in school, along with other reasons like cyberbullying on social media, that they didn’t have enough time to plan the event.

PBIS events used to be school dances, but the COVID-19 Pandemic forced CCAMS to move the celebrations into individual classrooms.  According to classcraft.com, other ways PBIS events can adapt is through having different themes and games. For example, teachers and students can play against each other as others spectate. Popular games include kickball, volleyball, dodgeball, and basketball. Games like these can change the concept of PBIS and make it more fun due to dances being canceled.