Dress Code Changes

Slight changes made to dress code rules for 2021-2022 school year


Deysi Raya-Castillo, Reporter

In Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School there have been dress code changes this school year. Students have been allowed to wear different shoe colors other than all black like before, due to the shoe shortages in stores.

According to the dress code at CCAMS, shorts and skirts have to be at least 2 inches above students knees for consistency, safety, and appropriateness for all students. For ripped jeans students have to put a type of legging underneath. “It doesn’t matter if it was a boy or a girl wearing ripped jeans. They have to wear a type of legging under,” explained Ms. Ortiz, Dean of students at CCAMS.

In CCAMS, if someone violates the dress code they first get a warning. If they still don’t follow the dress code the office will call home and try to help the students. The third warning would mean a student won’t be able to have any type of dress down for the rest of the school year. Dress code is so important to CCAMS, the school will provide a shirt or sweatshirt for any student who can’t provide their own. The CCAMS uniform might change from time to time.

School dress codes have been in the news and social media lately. People are worried that school dress codes are unfair to girls and boys. For example, a 4 year old boy from a small school district in Texas was told by his superintendent and Principal that his hair was too distracting, according to change.org.