Art Club

New after school program offers students a creative outlet

Art Club

Art club is an after school activity for all students at Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School. Ms. Orloff, the art teacher, started the art club during the fall of this school year.

Ms. Orloff has been working at CCAMS for about 5 years now. She wasn’t able to start an art club before because she didn’t have her own classroom. She had to move around rooms that were available to have an art class, carrying along a cart that had all the supplies they needed to do projects. Thankfully, now she has all her supplies in room 208. Art club takes place every week on Wednesdays and the goal is to give students an opportunity to do whatever art style they like or any crafts that they might enjoy.

Ms .Orloff plans on letting students choose what projects they want to do in art. She mentioned to the students that they could even start up a fundraiser to let people donate to help bigger and better projects. Art supplies can be expensive so people donating would be very helpful.

Ms. Orloff believes that, “You don’t need to have to be a good drawer to be good at art.” Art club is a time to bring creative thoughts to life. More and more people show up to art clubs every week and everyone seems to be enjoying it so far. There are about 30 or more people who have joined the art club and Orloff hopes more students will join. Ms. Orloff says if people keep showing up they might have to move to the cafeteria! The students have many ideas for art projects and Ms.Orloff hopes to do them all and keep it going the whole year.

Overall Ms. Orloff plans on keeping students active after school by having fun learning about art they are passionate about.