“Vivo” Movie Review

Vivo Movie Review

Linda Munoz, Student Film Critic

Recently, I had the chance to see Vivo. Directed by Kirk Demicco, Vivo has been available to watch on Netflix since August 6 2021. Vivo is a musical and a comedy movie. I thought Vivo was wonderful because it has a lot of fascinating and excellent parts .

The story takes place in Havana, Cuba, and follows Vivo, played by Lin Manuel Miranda, Gabriela, played by Ynairly Simo, Andres, played by Juan De Marcos Gonzalez, and Marta Sandoval, played by Gloria Estefan. It begins with Vivo and Andres singing music together at a plaza. Later that day, they receive a letter from an old friend of Andres named Marta Sandoval, who is a famous singer. She invited them to her last concert in Miami, but a day after receiving the letter, Andres unfortunately passes away, leaving Vivo alone. From there, Vivo must give a song to Marta in which Andres confessed his love to her with the help of Gabriella, Andres’ niece. 

One thing I liked about the movie Vivo was that the movie shows really enjoyable, entertaining, and emotional songs. In one of the scenes, the characters sing a song in which they are all working together, which is very enjoyable to watch. In another scene, Vivo seems to almost give up on his mission and sings a song that is very emotional.

Another thing I liked about the movie was that the characters were very bold and inspiring . In the movie, Vivo was very inspiring because he never really gave up no matter what was in his way. Also, Gabriella was very bold and helpful because she tries so hard and is willing to take risks and be brave for others.

Although Ifeel like the movie could have given more information about the characters’ backgrounds, I still think it’s great. If you like movies with very inspirational and motivational messages and scenes, then I would recommend you watch the movie Vivo.