“Encanto” Movie Review


Evelin Garcia, Student Film Critic

I had the chance to watch the movie Encanto. Encanto was directed by Byron Howard and Jared Bush, and is now available to stream on Disney+. Encanto is a very enjoyable movie to watch . 

The movie takes place in Colombia in a small town called Encanto and follows Mirabel, who is part of the Madrigal family. Mirabel faces a hard time helping her family because all her family was blessed with superpowers or special abilities. Mirabel, on the other hand, has no superpowers. However, she’s not going to let that stop her from helping her family when they were in trouble. 

The acting and characters are very silly but cool to watch. I loved the character Mirabel played by Stephanie Beatriz. She’s the main character in the movie who sometimes has difficulty with helping her family but never gives up. I loved how  when the family was in trouble and no matter how hard it was, Mirabel and Pedro madrigal would always be silly no matter how bad it was. 

I really liked how magical the movie was. The setting where the movie took place is in Colombia. They made it look super colorful, happy, and bright. I feel like all the characters just made it even more bright, colorful, and exciting.   

Overall in my opinion I would recommend Encanto. If you like silly, goofy and colorful stuff I recommend it. It has excellent songs and very amazing actors who knew how to play their roles perfectly. 5/5.