New Uniform Options


Aniya Miles

In the 2021-2022 school year, CCAMS staff and students have new clothing options such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, and fleeces.
School leaders decided to do that, “just to keep it fresh,” according to Mr. Rosales, the school’s office manager. The school also tries to make new logos every year. The school logos come from an outside t-shirt vendor that prints out the logos and the shirts. From there, staff can decide if they like it or not. For now, there won’t be any new designs that we know of.

One of the things that changed about the CCAMS uniform is that they used to make students wear the logo, but now they allow them to wear a navy blue or red shirt or sweater, with or without the CCA logo. The school provides each student with a free uniform at the beginning of the year, but families have an option of purchasing more. The clothing costs $7 for shirts, 10$ for sweatshirts, and $25 for fleeces. 

Another possibility for altering the school uniforms could be a competition for a new school logo. During an interview, Mr. Rosales asked, “How would you (students) feel if you designed (the logo)? Maybe there could be a competition.” It’s just an idea for now, but could happen in the future.